Primary Treatment Placement vs. Extended Care Treatment Placement

Extended Care Treatment

Primary treatment placement and extended care treatment placement are two of the services we offer at Clarity Family Consulting. It’s important to understand the differences between these two types of treatment placement. In this article, we are going to talk about primary treatment placement vs. extended care treatment placement. We’ll discuss the differences between the two and when each can be effective.

Primary Treatment Placement

Primary treatment placement refers to any short-term medical care that’s necessary for an individual struggling with substance use disorder. This often includes medically-supervised detox – to ensure that an addict safely sobers up, rather than going cold turkey which can be extremely dangerous for some individuals.

Extended Care Treatment Placement

Extended care treatment is (as the name suggests) a more long-term treatment offering for substance abusers. This can include in-patient facilities that give addicts the tools they need to attain sobriety and remain sober for the long-term. These facilities often include individual and group sessions that help a person deal with their underlying issues and develop skills to remain sober once they leave the facility. The length of time an individual stays in an extended care facility varies from several weeks, to six months, to a year for some people. Our team can help you or your loved one find an extended care facility that fits your needs.

Clinical Intervention & Case Management Services

Clarity Family Consulting helps individuals struggling with substance use and other disorders. We offer many different services, including: case management, clinical intervention, therapeutic transport, and sober companions. It’s our goal to help addicts achieve long-term success in their sobriety. In addition to that, we provide a lot of services to the loved ones of individuals struggling with substance abuse. Contact our experts at Clarity Family Consulting today to get help for yourself or a loved one struggling with addiction.