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The Many Benefits of Sober Companions

Sober Companion

A sober companion can help a person dealing with substance abuse issues bridge the gap between in-patient treatment and returning home. But many people aren’t aware of the many benefits that sober companions can provide. In this article, we are going to discuss the various benefits of having a sober companion during addiction recovery.

What is a Sober Companion?

A lot of people don’t even know what a sober companion is – so let’s start with a quick definition. A sober companion is quite simply a professional that helps a newly sober person through the process of attaining and maintaining sobriety. This type of companion can be particularly helpful as a person transitions from an in-patient treatment facility back home.

What Does a Sober Companion Do?

A sober companion will accompany and assist the individual as they navigate the often-overwhelming challenges of returning home. Living in a treatment facility offers an extremely structured environment. When it comes time to return home, this structure all but disappears, which can be difficult for individuals with substance abuse issues. A sober companion will help you navigate these challenges by recommending aftercare plans such as: therapy sessions, outpatient treatment, local AA meetings, finding a sponsor, and more.

Clarity Family Consulting

At Clarity Family Consulting, we help individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues – as well as their families and loved ones. Our goal is to help our clients achieve long-term success with their sobriety. Having a sober companion is a great way to attain that goal. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get help for yourself or a loved one who is dealing with substance abuse or mental health. We have locations in many states throughout the country and can help you through this difficult time in your life.