Aaron Casoli
Founder and CEO

Aaron Casoli is the Founder of Clarity Family Consulting, and has worked in the addiction recovery field since 2005. Working in a variety of roles throughout his career he started out as Director of Operations for a 100 bed extended care facility. Some of his responsibilities were to develop and maintain relationships with treatment providers, clients, families, and employee management. Aaron was presented with an opportunity to be the National Outreach Representative for a treatment center. While filling the role of National Outreach Representative he was able to expand his relationships with treatment providers throughout the country. Aaron has attended many conferences throughout the years to stay current on addiction issues, and continue building relationships. He visits treatment centers often to experience the treatment modality provided, which is extremely important to Aaron when working with families. He has extended his professional relationships to include individual therapists, lawyers and hospitals nationally. Aaron also attends Intervention trainings to broaden his education.

Aaron has always maintained the same intention over the years, which is to find the client the appropriate treatment and level of care for the best possible recovery outcome. In doing this, he helps many individuals succeed in long-term recovery, and guides the family from addiction to recovery.

Aaron’s personal recovery journey began with an intervention in 2004. He then committed himself to 28 days of inpatient treatment, 4 months of extended care, and a year of sober living. He is invaluable due to his personal and professional experience combined. The willingness he expresses to help anyone in need is very unique, and makes him an instrumental asset in the recovery field.

Aaron and his wife Tara, live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with their Golden Retriever. In his free time you can usually find him at the golf range, catching up on football, fishing and spending time with friends and family.


Tara Milam Casoli, CPC, CAI
Co-Founder and COO

Tara brings a diverse skill set to the Clarity Family Consulting team. Since 2004 she has worked in numerous roles with various ages and populations. She started out as a CIT at an adolescent treatment center in Louisiana. Her personal recovery journey afforded her the opportunity to move to St. Paul, Minnesota where she operated women's and LGBTQ+ aftercare facilities for eight years. In this role, she worked directly with clients on life skills, goal setting, relapse prevention, crisis management, family communication, shame resiliency, Substance Use, Mental Health and Co-occurring Disorders. 

Tara attended the University of Minnesota, and her focus was in psychology with a specialization in Addiction Counseling. She attended The Center for Coaching Certification, and became a Certified Professional Coach. Tara is also ARISE Trained in invitational interventions and case management through the ARISE Network. 

Tara has experienced the detrimental side of addiction first-hand, and has been in long-term recovery since 2005. After many attempts at sobriety she finally committed and went to treatment again, and lived in sober living for a year. She expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to be able to give back to families in need because she understands their situation.

Tara lives with her husband, Aaron and their Golden Retriever in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She enjoys reading inspirational books, yoga, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. 

Chase Thayer
Family Services Consultant


Chase began working in the field of addiction in 2008, and has held several positions within nationally recognized treatment programs for the past decade, learning a great deal about working with both young adults and their families along the way. He got his start as the house manager and director of a long-term extended care program in Los Angeles, working directly with the clients and their families. He then went on to become the National Director of Business Development for multiple treatment facilities, which allowed him to gain a vast knowledge of the numerous treatment facilities in the nation. Chase uses his knowledge and connections with treatment programs available to provide the families that he works with the best options tailored specifically for the needs of their loved ones. Chase attends many conferences, along with visiting treatment facilities to continuously stay connected to the world of addiction treatment. 

Chase believes that addiction is not just something that effects the user, but the entire family, and greatly enjoys being able to help families heal and find answers. Chase connects families with the proper treatment outlets and ensures that those struggling with addiction are given the best chance at recovery. Chase believes that people can and DO recover, and that there is no particular age that defines when one can get sober.

Chase was born and raised in Provo, Utah. At the age of twenty-four, after over a decade of addiction and failed treatment attempts, Chase finally found long-term sobriety in 2007 at a recovery house in Los Angeles, California, and has been clean and sober ever since.

Chase lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and their daughter. Chase spends his free time playing golf, going to his daughter’s soccer games and dance recitals, and playing with their two dogs. 


Kevin Petersen, MA, LMFT
Clinical Case Manager

Kevin Petersen, MA, LMFT was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA. Kevin graduated from Palo Alto High School and enrolled at The University of Southern California in 1982. After living in the south of Spain and working on a farm as a tractor driver in 1983, he came back to USC and graduated in 1994 with a degree in Social Sciences and moved to Denver, CO in 1995. Kevin had a successful career in sales and marketing and then in 2008 he enrolled in the Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy program at Regis University and was part of the first class that graduated from that program in 2011. He then spent three and a half years working at Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network as an in-home therapist, case manager, crisis evaluator and outpatient therapist for Child and Family Services, he also worked part time for The Bridge House, ADMHN’s Acute Treatment Unit, as a Mental Health Technician and Counselor. Kevin opened his private practice, Petersen Family Counseling, in 2014 and specializes in with addictions, codependency, parenting and Family Case Management. Kevin earned his LMFT in March of 2017.

Kevin began his journey of recovery in May 1991 and has been sober ever since. He lives in Denver with his wife, Amy, and three Boston Terriers, Otis, Bert and Blanche.


Robert B. Rowling Jr., M.A., LPC
Clinical Interventionist and Case Manager

Robert is a Licensed Professional Counselor with expertise in substance use disorders, mental health and case management. . He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Southern Methodist University and a Masters of Arts in Counseling. Robert has worked for over a decade in behavioral health as an interventionist, counselor, manager, director and executive leader in residential and extended care treatment centers as well as private practice settings. His broad experience with adolescents, adults and families has gifted him the opportunity to impact many lives.

Robert’s personal journey in recovery began in 2008. His mission and purpose is to build relationships and environments where people can experience the joy of life free from the imprisonment of addiction and mental health disorders.

Robert lives in Dallas, Texas and has three children, who ground, humble, and inspire him daily. If he’s not working or chasing kids, you can probably find him somewhere on a golf course.

Dave Eichhorn, LADC, CSAC, ICADC
Clinical Interventionist and Case Manager

Dave began working in the field of addiction in 1991. Prior to becoming a professional in this field, Dave worked through his own struggles with addiction and twenty-eight years ago found a successful way back to living a life drug and alcohol free. It was during in-patient treatment that he began to embrace the life of sobriety through a successful recovery program that he began to understand addiction as a disease and that he wasn’t a bad person.

After completing in-patient treatment he was compelled to maintain this healthy lifestyle that continued to lead him down the right path, so he changed his Major in college and became a clinician that would allow him to obtain the knowledge to help other alcoholics and addicts find their path back.

Dave has worked with every population and has enjoyed every moment of change that has occurred for those that have embraced recovery. He began his career in the treatment world as a clinician and has worked in some of the top treatment centers in the country. In 2002 he made the switch from being the program supervisor at Hazelden to become a clinical Interventionist. Dave was fortunate to be trained by one of the top Interventionists in the country at the time and nearly 2000 interventions later has had the privilege to help the majority of addicts and alcoholics receive the help that they so desperately needed. 

Every Intervention is different and being able to assess the situation in the best possible way to produce the most positive outcome is what he prides himself on. Dave believes that Intervention is not an event; it is a process by which the whole family needs to change to understand what their role has been and then be able to recognize the need to begin doing something different to produce a different result. Through the training and education that Dave provides to and with the family, they are able to go into the intervention with the best plan for themselves and the addict/alcoholic. Intervention is not punitive, it is the most loving and caring action that one can do for their loved one. If the addict/alcoholic could have done this by themselves, it would have happened already. What Dave points out to families is that addiction is the only disease known to man that will keep telling you, you don’t have it. There in lies the need to step up as a family and go through the process of intervention. It is scary for most families to step out of there comfort zone, however when Dave leads the family into this experience, he provides the family with a level of confidence allowing them to walk through it in a safe and healthy way. 

Dave has had the privilege to be nationally and internationally certified as a clinician. He is committed to helping one family at a time by moving them out of the problem and into the solution. The goal is simple; by helping to promote change within the family, moving them into recovery so that they do not have to keep supporting the addiction – not for one more second of one more day. Once the addict/alcoholic begins to realize that things are going to be different it will be the turning point for them to see the need to get some help for themselves.

Dave lives in the suburbs of Twin Cities of Minnesota with his wife, their teen granddaughter, and their rescued Miniature Australian Shepard.  When Dave is not traveling nationally and internationally to perform Interventions; he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, listening to 80s music, going to the movies and exploring new restaurants in the Twin Cities.


Tyler Heinz Amborn
Family Services Consultant, Transporter and Companion

Tyler has been working in the addiction recovery field since 2007.  He has a combined 7 years of experience between two facilities, as a manager of sober living homes, managing between 2-5 houses at a time over the course of his tenure.  He also served as the Program Director of a 100-bed extended care facility. Tyler has been active as a therapeutic transporter since 2008 and a companion since 2015. Along with his professional work Tyler volunteers with different organizations as a youth mentor, working with high school aged kids since 2006.

Tyler’s personal recovery journey began in the summer of 2004 when his childhood best friend who had been in recovery for over a year found him and shared his message of hope. Tyler has remained sober and active in his own personal recovery program ever since, as well as being an involved member of the recovery communities in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN. That meeting with his friend served as the inspiration for Tyler’s work in the field, as he has dedicated himself to offering as much of his time as possible to people, in a one on one setting, at the very beginning of their recovery journey.

Tyler lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Britt and their two sons. He enjoys taking his sons to the park and out for ice cream, camping and hiking with his wife. Tyler is a passionate fan of the University of Minnesota and USA wrestling teams.

Cody Gautreaux, RAC, CCS
Clinical Family Consultant, Transporter and Companion

Cody has been working in the addiction treatment field since the year 2000. In 2003 he was afforded the opportunity to work an a young men's extended care program, where he currently acts as CEO and managing partner. Cody is a Registered Addiction Counselor, a Certified Clinical Supervisor, and has credentials in guided imagery, and equine assisted psychotherapy.

Cody's personal recovery journey coupled with his clinical skill set makes him an asset to have on Clarity's team. 

In his free time, Cody enjoys spending time with his son, golfing, fishing, and giving back to the local recovery community.