“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your helping us. You have a gift and I will never forget this day. A new beginning! Thank you.”

-Lilian, Mom of a Recovering Addict

"I was fresh from treatment, feeling lonely, lost and terrified. Through the ups and downs of the following 10 months, I always was able to learn something from Tara. Whether she was sharing her recovery journey or helping me practice accountability, she pushed me to find value in myself and sobriety. I will forever be grateful for her patience, honesty and compassion.”

-Libby, Former Client

"I have had the pleasure to work closely with Aaron and Tara Casoli over the last several years consulting with families who have attended my facility. Their attention to the specific needs of struggling families from the initial phone call, through the treatment process, and discharge planning helps my clients to succeed. It is a privilege to have access to their knowledgable skill set, and as a treatment provider, truly helps the entire treatment team’s process.”

-Chase Glenn, CEO New Beginnings Adolescent Recovery Center

“My daughter was losing in her battle with her demons. I was put in contact with Dave to help with an intervention for my daughter. I had been down this road before, trying desperately to get her help. This time was different. She was in deep trouble. Being placed in the hands of Dave to orchestrate an intervention was a saving grace.  I didn’t know what else to do, and Dave took control in guiding the family and me on what to do and expect.  Before we all met, phone calls and emails took us through the process, finalized with a daylong session.  This was the first step in letting go of control to rely on the Dave’s help and professional guidance.  With Dave’s commanding yet compassionate caring leadership and presence, he was able to guide us through the unthinkable. 

It’s been over a year since that day. Dave helped me to see that setting my own boundaries would not only help my daughter, but myself as well.   Dave helped me to see that this was not just a time for my daughter to change, but in order for us to help her, the family needed to change as well.  My gratitude cannot be adequately expressed in a short story, but suffice it to say, not only did Dave’s involvement and direction save my daughter, but expanded my personal growth and showed me that as a mother, it is OK to ask for help, to set boundaries and to seek out support groups who share similar stories. I now attend regular Al-anon meetings and meet with a sponsor to let me know that my story is not unique.  My own “work” is long from being complete and my daughter continues to work on her own personal growth.  I couldn’t be more grateful, as are other family members who participated in my daughter’s intervention and interaction with Dave.”

-Deb, Mother of a Recovering Addict

“Tara Milam Casoli and Dave Eichhorn have been nothing short of life savers for our family over the last year.

We first “met” Tara and Dave on a hectic Saturday, when we had just discovered that one of our family members had been using drugs for over a year, almost two. We had been under the impression that he was clean after a stay-at-home 1-week self-prescribed detox program and then had been subject to almost every medical ailment under the sun --- forcing him to live at his parent’s home, unable to work and preventing him from re-joining the real world for over 6 months.

When we felt sure there was a serious problem and that drugs were the main source of the issue, we reached out to Tara and Dave initially over a phone call. The most comforting thing about our initial conversation was that despite the fact that we felt scared and in a lot of cases, distrusted our own instincts, they gave us the confidence we needed to help pull our loved one out of a downward spiral. Tara and Dave really listened to us. They confirmed we weren’t crazy. They had meaningful real-life analogies to what we were going through and helped us understand more about the disease that is addiction.

Dave flew in to our town with literally just a day or so of notice and was the epitome of professionalism during the intervention for our loved one. He game planned with us the night before and gave us clear and calming advice throughout the entirety of what is a very emotional event.

Dave and Tara also researched a great rehab facility for us and worked within our budget. They were able to secure a spot, again, within a moment’s notice.

The intervention went extremely well, which was a shock to all of us, given a prior attempt at an intervention, without a specialist, was a huge disaster.

Dave ensured our loved one got checked in to his facility and Tara was absolutely amazing at after-care. We had, at first, weekly and then bi-weekly calls with Dave for three months after the intervention and then continued to speak with Tara for an additional six months. We truly believe our continued communication was the driver of success, especially in preparing for the return of our loved one after two months of inpatient treatment. Being able to talk through what we were all going through during the start of our loved one's new sober life outside of treatment was invaluable. We became unified as a support system around our loved one without enabling him to fall back into any bad habits.

Tara and Dave’s coaching helped us form the appropriate boundaries, the right communication style and the right way to love our loved one back to health.

Tara and Dave are responsive, accountable, excellent communicators, professional and enjoyable people to work with. We give them our highest recommendation and know they will continue to save loved ones and families of loved ones alike.”

-Taylor & Laura, Brother and Sister in Law of a Recovering Addict